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For any enterprise, only when the vast majority of employees in the enterprise's personal values converge, the entire enterprise's values can be formed. As with the values of personal values, the values that enterprises embrace and respect are the internal basis of the daily business and management behavior of the enterprise.
Enterprise values, refers to the enterprise in the pursuit of business success in the process of respect for the basic beliefs and pursued the goal. Philosophically, values are an idea of the object's usefulness to the subject. And corporate values is the enterprise or the majority of employees unanimously agreed on the meaning of the ultimate judgment of the enterprise.
The value here is a subjective and alternative relationship. Whether a thing has value depends not only on what makes it meaningful to it, but also on who is making judgments. Different people are likely to make a completely different judgment. Such as a judgment as the value of the enterprise, when the profits, efficiency and innovation contradictory, it will naturally choose the latter, so that profit, efficiency to give way.
Similarly, some companies may think that the value of the enterprise is rich, the value of the enterprise lies in the profit, the value of the enterprise lies in the service, the value of the enterprise lies in educating people. Then, the values of these enterprises can be called "rich values", "profit value", "service values", "education values."
Corporate values In short, the enterprise's values are the choices that corporate decision-makers make about the nature of the business, the goals, and the way they operate. It is a common concept accepted by employees.
(1) values are shared by all employees of the enterprise, not one or two people.
(2) corporate values are the main values that dominate the spirit of the staff.
(3) corporate values are the product of long-term accumulation, rather than sudden.
(4) corporate values are consciously nurturing the results, rather than spontaneous.